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Pretty Pretty Princesses.

I am looking for movies, preferably princessy movies, that will appeal to a very smart three year old and that do not have a negative gender message. Brad's niece, Mo, and I have watched Enchanted about a squillion times, and while we both love it, I imagine she's going to get bored with it before too terribly long. I'd like to have something else lined up for her when that happens.

So here's the gender thing.

Mo recently came home from daycare and announced to her Mema that princes must save princesses because only boys can save girls. Girls cannot save boys. It's an idea she picked up from a couple of the slightly older girls at daycare, and not an idea Mo's parents are at all okay with. And it's definitely not an idea that I want to have any part in encouraging. Enchanted is great because at the end of the movie, Giselle saves Robert (I think?) from the icky icky dragonbeast. It shows people helping each other, taking care of each other, and supporting each other.

I want to have more movies like that to show Mo when she's here. So, my little FriendBots, please make suggestions. Tell me which movies you think would work well for a smart little girl who loves princesses but is not Baby to be put in a corner.

Also, I just lost the game.

More than just our minds were open on that trip. termFinance house market which facilitates Going Here Many chili peppers must have the outer skin removed before they are eaten. Moderate (3) Consequence: Does off field misbehavior, the taking of recreational or performance enhancing drugs impact on our decision of the Greatest sportsperson of all time? What about on field behaviour? Do we favour sportsmanship over gamesmanship? a dollar to each ear.
Pretty Pretty Princesses.

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